I’ve explained this a couple of times in years past, but let’s go over it again: it’s a total recipe for disaster to call any film [Fill in the blank]’s War. There have been films with titles like this before (The Private War of Major Benson, Murphy’s War, etc.), and any such title always seems to imply that the main character will be manipulative, obsessive and egoistic…and who wants to spend two hours with an asshole?. The latest is Charlie Wilson’s War , which will costar Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Mike Nichols will direct starting in October from an Aaron Sorkin script (a copy has been sitting unread on my desktop in a PDF file for over a year). Based on a book by George Crile, it’s about a renegade congressman/CIA agent who secretly funnelled arms to Afghhanistan freedom fighters in the early ’80s in their fight against Soviet troops. Just change the title…simple.