Quinceanera co-directors and co-writers Richard Glatzer (left) and Wash Westmoreland (right) flanking star Emily Rios after yesterday’s Seattle Film Festival screening — 6.16.06, 8:35 pm.

(a) At a Capitol Hill club called Chapel, Cinematical‘s Kim Voynar, Americanese director-writer Eric Byler, Byler’s Taiwanese ally-partner(I’m bad with names…sorry) who worked on the film, and Americanese star Allison SieFriday, 6.16.06, 11:40 pm; (b) Americanese star Allison Sie, director-writer Eric Byler — Friday, 6.16, 6:20 pm; (c) Seattle skies are still blue and on the bright side at 9:40 pm, obviously due to the northern lattitude; (d) this photo of an obviously pleased holder of a Brookline High School graduation diploma has zip to do with movies, but it represents the culmination of a twelve-year effort and bestowing a moment’s attention doesn’t seem out of line.