From Peggy Noonan‘s latest (3.7) “Declarations” column in the Wall Street Journal: “What do I think is the biggest reason Mrs. Clinton came back? She kept her own spirits up to the point of denial and worked it, hard, every day. She is hardy, resilient, tough. She is a train on a track, an Iron Horse. But we must not become carried away with generosity.
“The very qualities that impress us are the qualities that will make her a painful president. She does not care what you think, she will have what she wants, she will not do the feints, pivots and backoffs that presidents must. She is neither nimble nor agile, and she knows best. She will wear a great nation down.”
In a recent Elle magazine interview, Natalie Portman dismissed much of what offends the Hillary haters as “sexist.” What is her response, I wonder, to what Noonan and Maureen Dowd have been writing all along about Clinton?
Noonan ends her column with a ghastly quote from Christopher Hitchens spoken during an interview with Hugh Hewitt, to wit: Hillary will eb the next president because “there’s something horrible and undefeatable about people who have no life except the worship of power…people who don’t want the meeting to end, the people who just are unstoppable, who only have one focus, no humanity, no character, nothing but the worship of money and power. They win in the end.”