It was announced two or three hours ago that the National Society of Film Critics didn’t give its Best Supporting Actor award to Inglourious Basterds costar Christoph Waltz — they split the award between Waltz and Bright Star‘s Paul Schneider. How could the NSFC possibly misunderstand that 2009 is a Waltz-and-Waltz-only year?

Kathryn Bigelow‘s The Hurt Locker won for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor (i.e., Jeremy Renner).

Seraphine‘s Yolande Moreau won for Best Actress — her second major domestic award after winning same from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. (She also won Best Actress from the Cesars and the European Film Awards.)

Mo’Nique‘s Precious performance took the Best Supporting Actress award…who else and what else? (Hearing her name makes me numb.) Joel and Ethan Coen received the Best Screenplay award for A Serious Man.