Two Obama-favoring assessments of what may/will happen at tomorrow night’s Iowa caucuses — one by Washington Post reporters Shailagh Murray and Anne E. Kornblut, another by Des Moines Register columnist David Yepsen.
Noteworthy Yepsen passage: “On Monday night at a New Year’s Eve party in Ames, hundreds packed the Great Hall at Iowa State University and waited for more than an hour to hear Barack Obama deliver his well-polished stump speech.
“In that speech he does something interesting. He always asks for a show of hands of those who’ve never been to a caucus. (More than half the hands go up.) He always asks for a show of hands of those who are undecided. (Maybe a third of the hands are in the air.)
“Now, I assume here that someone who would devote their New Year’s Eve to attending a political speech might just be a little predisposed to go out a few nights later to caucus for the candidate who delivered it. Just a guess.”