At almost the same time that a great nuclear life-force in a suitcase was destroying a Malibu beach house in Kiss Me Deadly, an attractive waitress working at a seaside cafe was entangled with sinister spies in Shack Out On 101. You can’t deny that 1955 was one humdinger of a year for scumbag spies, short-order sex, nefarious doings and national defense secrets playing three-card-monte somewhere between Trancas and Santa Barbara!

Logline: “It’s now up to the desperate waitress (Terry Moore) and a network of undercover FBI agents to stop the diabolical scheme, but not before they all stop along the way for a sizzling round of passion and romance. The stellar cast includes Hollywood legend Lee Marvin (Point Blank), Frank Lovejoy (The Americano), Keenan Wynn (The Mechanic) and Whit Bissell (He Walked by Night). Stylishly directed by cult director Edward Dein (Curse of the Undead) and beautifully shot in glorious black-and-white by the great Floyd Crosby (High Noon).

“Check into a hotbed of lethal cloak and dagger in Shack Out on 101!”