In the wake of my similarly-worded 4.23 item, the Hollywood Reporter‘s Stephen Zeitchik wrote on 4.25 that expectations persist that Fernando MeirellesBlindness will be shown under some aegis at the Cannes Film Festival, possibly as the opening-night attraction.
“The opening- and closing-night films haven’t been officially announced,” he reports, “and several sources said that Meirelles’ profile and the film’s scope (as well as such stars as Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo) make it a prime opening-night candidate. Even if it doesn’t end up in that showcase slot, it could go in one of several competition slots that might yet be announced. Said one executive: ‘I’d be very surprised if it didn’t end up there.'”
“I gather it will be shown at Cannes under some aegis,” I wrote on 4.23. “I haven’t been told this in so many words, but a person in the Blindness camp has written that [the rcently annoucned] official Cannes list, as we all know, omitted ‘a few key announcements that are yet to be made.’ The implication seems clear.”