The only people out there who are truly offended by liberal humanistic values in Hollywood movies are the rabid reds, who live in a different country anyway so let ’em stew on their side of the fence. I’ve scrapped tooth and claw with the Dirty Harry‘s of the world and I know who and what they are. They’re about hammering all day and into the night. They’re the nephews, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Westbrook Pegler. They actually believe Sarah Palin will be a formidable presidential candidate in ’12. They’re not necessarily the ones holding up Obama monkey dolls and shouting “kill ’em!” at McCain-Palin rallies but neither do they seem inclined to admonish those who’ve done so. They’re the laughing stock of the world and the shame of this nation. If I could clap my hands and be rid of them, I would clap my hands.