“I think the last time I saw Star Wars was when this (digital) version came out 10 years ago,” George Lucas said during a post-screening interview after the 1977 pop-adventure classic showed at the Academy theatre on Monday night. “It was fun to see it on the big screen. I never get to do that.” This according to a Wired report by…uhm, there’s no byline.

Star Wars creator George Lucas

“The filmmaking process is naturally very sloppy,” Lucas commented. “People assume that making a movie is very precise, that you lay it all out. It doesn’t work that way. You’re constantly reworking everything over and over and over again trying to make it right. There’s lots of different avenues, lots of ways of working with things. I continue to look at it that way.

“In fact, there was a couple of things I saw in there tonight that I could….” Before finishing his sentence with the expected “do better,” Lucas pulled rerecording mixer Ray West by the arm. “It’s a joke, people!” Lucas said.