Sam Raimi’s two political donations to George Bush in ’04 only amounted to $900, according to The Spider-Man helmer gave $300 to the Bush campaign on 1.14.04, and then another $600 on 7.8.04. Raimi also gave $450 to Senator Arlen Specter, apparently to support his campaign for the ’96 Republican Presidential nomination.

And yet Raimi isn’t a total Republican — he also gave $1000 to Barbara Boxer‘s U.S. Senate campaign in ’02. He also donated $1200 to the Political Action Committee of the Directors Guild of America in ’05.

I like conservatives personally — they talk in a plainer, more straight-from-the- shoulder way than a lot of liberals I know — and I certainly understand the plight of filmmakers who support Republican or conservative causes. I got into this when I wrote a big piece for Los Angeles magazine in early ’95 called “Right Face,” about how it was easier in the liberal Hollywood culture of the mid ’90s to say you’re gay than confess to being a rightie, which could put you on what Lionel Chetwynd called a “white list.”

I’m not trying to slam or pigeonhole Raimi for having conservative values, but my God…he supported Bush in ’04? He either believed or rationalized the WMD bullshit about why we went into Iraq, supported Bush’s anti-conservationist leanings and all the dozens of other bone-headed policies? Raimi’s $900 Dubya donation is offensive to me. It really is. We live in a free society and by all means let’s keep electing right-wing assholes and hasten the global-warming process as much as possible, but Spider-Man 3 ticket-buyers should know, I feel, where a small portion of their ticket money is likely to end up. Pointing this out is fair, surely.