This strikes me as a smart, perceptive take on the Scott Pruitt situation (i.e., travel, housing, raises). Cenk Uygur is entirely correct in saying that Fox News’ Ed Henry would never subject Pruitt to this kind of brutal interview unless someone in the Trump administration had given Henry a green light.

Uygur: “Do you see Fox News go after Republican officials all the time? No, you almost never see that. You see them do that to Trump administration officials? Almost never. So why are they doing it in this case? Because, there is someone bigger in the Trump administration that said go ahead, we’re done with him.”

“When you lose power then all of a sudden the press are lions,” Uygur declares. “When you have power, the press are lambs.”

Posted by The Hill‘s Brent Budowsky, 4.6.18: “Since President Trump revels in the use of nicknames, it is time to warn the nation that it now appears the president, who should be nicknamed ‘Swamp King Trump,’ has floated Scott Pruitt, who should be nicknamed ‘Polluter Pruitt,’ to replace the attorney general that Trump nicknamed ‘Mr. Magoo’ — Jeff Sessions.

“Pruitt would then have the power to fire Robert Mueller, who should simply be referred to as “Citizen Mueller.” Trump denies he plans to replace Sessions with Pruitt, but many of his denials have been proven false in the past.

“There are two critically important points to be made here. The first is that Swamp King Trump almost certainly intends to fire Citizen Mueller because he is terrified about what Mueller will soon do. The second is that Polluter Pruitt is one of the leading candidates for the dubious honor of being the worst official to serve in any administration in modern American history.”