If it happens, Sean Parker‘s The Screening Room will offer viewers a chance to watch first-run movies for $50 a pop over a 48-hour period (along with a $150 fee for a receiving device of some kind). I’m not saying the idea will be supported by major distributors (last night Deadline‘s Anthony D’Allesandro reported there is strong resistance) but if it does roll out what do HE consumers think of it, concept- and wallet-wise?

Speaking as an effete consumer, I’m not interested in this idea at all. You know what I would like? A day-and-date streaming rental option for new Blurays, especially those from Criterion.

Variety‘s Brent Lang has reported that “as an added incentive to theater owners, Screening Room is also offering customers who pay the $50 two free tickets to see the movie at a cinema of their choice…that way, exhibitors would get the added benefit of profiting from concession sales to those moviegoers.”