“In one single movie, Amy Schumer elevates herself from being a sketch-show maven to a bonafide comedy queen — and this is coming from someone who doesn’t really care for Inside Amy Schumer. Ironically, Trainwreck lets us far deeper into Schumer than her show ever does, and it’s that brutally honest energy that Judd Apatow feeds off of as a filmmaker. There’s nothing better than a mainstream comedy with soul, and that’s what you’ll be getting with Trainwreck — heart and soul. Plus an admirable amount of crude sex jokes, Schumer’s confident sexuality and a Tilda Swinton performance for the ages. I’m not saying it’s the best comedy of 2015, but I am saying there’s a good chance that it will be. And you can quote me on that.” — from a 7.14. review by We Got This Covered‘s Matt Donato.

This also: “In a way, Trainwreck is a modern-day take on medieval tales of armor-clad knights who ride in on white, glistening steeds, ready to save any damsel from their trapped fate. Except, in this case, the screeching princess is also the fire-breathing dragon.”