According to an 11.11 fivethirtyeight report, roughly 57% (nudging 58%) of eligible voters cast ballots this year, which was slightly down from 58.6 percent in 2012 and 61.6 percent in 2008. A little less than half of that 58% — less than 29% of eligible voters — voted for Donald Trump.

That’s more than one out of every four voters, but less than one out of every three. Which makes the notion of a Trump mandate the stuff of fantasy, especially when coupled with Hillary Clinton‘s 2.9 million lead in the popular vote (65,844,954 or 48.2% vs. Trump’s 62,979,879 or 46.1%).

I continue to believe that support for Trump was and is largely about racial pushback — whites reading the writing on the wall and attempting to assert dominance one last time (“make American white again'”) over a changing nation that over the last 15 or 20 years has increasingly been defined by multiculturalism and politically-correct issues and criteria. On top of the general loathing for Hillary, I mean.