In an 11.21 interview with The Playlist‘s Rodrigo Perez, Wolf of Wall Street screenwriter Terrence Winter describes Martin Scorsese‘s latest film precisely as I’ve been describing it since last August (which is when I finally got around to reading Winter’s script) — Goodfellas on Wall Street.

“It is very much [in that vein],” Winters says. “It’s sort of written in the same style, voice-overs, it’s a very fast movie, it’s really a wild roller coaster ride. I’m really proud of it and incredibly proud to be working with Marty and those guys.”

“[It’s] the finale of Scorsese’s American hustler/den of thieves trilogy,” I wrote on 8.11.13. “Venal and criminal but wildly intoxicating. Time-shuffling, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Jordan Belfort (as Ray Liotta and Robert DeNiro narrated Goodfellas and Casino), manna from heaven, adrenalin-plus, woo-woo…and then the crash. If you fell for the first two how can you not like this installment? Same basic story, same engine, same unhappy wives, same juice, probably the same cutting style.”