How many times have I passed along the story about Spooner Oldham and the recording of Aretha Franklin‘s “I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Love You)“? That song launched her career as a pop artist, and this magic moment happened during a single day’s session at Muscle Shoals’ FAME studios on 1.24.67.

I’ve told this story three or four times at least, but we’re now going to make it five because Respect fudges this little story — it destroys the purity of it. “I Never Loved a Man” was the major turning point in her young life. But in Respect Spooner (played by David Simpson) is no longer the quiet, unassuming session guy who saved the day. He’s now the co-hero because he and Aretha did it together.

I wasn’t in the studio that day so what do I know, right? But according to Muscle Shoals director Greg “Freddy” Camalier it was Spooner who came up with that bluesy Wurlitzer riff that was just right, and everyone knew it.

Bottom line: Muscle Shoals says Spooner did it. Respect says that Aretha and Spooner tag-teamed it.

It would seem that the Respect guys were uncomfortable with a young Alabama white guy being the hero of this particular scene, so they imagined their own version. The movie is called Respect, after all, and not Spooner, and so the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance legend has now been printed.

Apologies to Spooner but them’s the breaks.