Film Threat‘s Chris Gore at 5:35 mark: “We live in a time now in which pop culture is consumed so quickly, that a new Disney+ series will come out on a Wednesday, and we’ve dissected every part of it and found every Easter egg and discussed it to death within 24 hours of its airing.

“The same goes with a film. It opens on a Thursday night or Friday, and by Monday it’s all been discussed.”

HE interjection: Unless it’s really good or masterful or mind-blowing in some way, most films begin to see their buzziness dissipate by Saturday night. Thursday night is the best time; back in the old days the slowpokers saw new films on Friday and Saturday night, and if they were really out of it on Sunday.

Seeing The Empire Strikes Back at Loews” Astor Plaza (Broadway and 44th) was one of the greatest viewing experiences of my life, Because I saw it opening weekend (a midnight show on 5.21.80) — totally cold, no reviews, no chat rooms, not a word about Luke’s lineage, nothing.