For Leonardo DiCaprio, playing J. Edgar Hoover “meant memorizing endless monologues that needed to be delivered with Hoover’s own breakneck cadence,” writes N.Y. Times reporter Brooks Barnes in an 11.2 profile. “Additionally Mr. DiCaprio, who typically comes accessorized with a supermodel girlfriend in real life, had to wrestle aggressively with a man and then kiss him. Oh, and wear a dress.”

From a 4.3.10 HE posting about same: “Okay, I’ve flipped through most of Lance Black‘s J. Edgar Hoover script — i.e., the one that Clint Eastwood reportedly intends to direct with Leonardo DiCaprio as the FBI kingpin — and I haven’t come upon a scene calling for DiCaprio to wear lace stockings and pumps and a cocktail dress. So we’re safe on that score.”