W costars Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright were arrested at a Shreveport bar early Saturday morning, apparently for refusing to leave at closing time. Five other W crew members involved in filming the Oliver Stone movie were also involved. Wright was reportedly maced and stun-gunned, but otherwise no kickin’ and a gougin’ in the mud and the blood and the beer. The W guys got arrested by the bulls, however, and were all taken down to the station and had to post bail.

Josh Brolin’s mug shot, taken early Saturday morning at a Shreveport police station

The Shreveport Times reported that Brolin was booked and posted $334 cash bond to be released. Police did not say Saturday night whether he or the others had been released. Brolin is portraying President George Bush in the film, and Wright is playing Colin Powell. W began filming in May in Shreveport.
“Officers were called to the Stray Cat, a bar in the 200 block of Travis Street, just after 2 a.m. to deal with a rowdy patron, according to a Shreveport police patrol report. As more officers arrived, several other patrons at the bar, including Brolin and fellow actor Jeffrey Wright, tried to impede the officers, according to the report. In all, the report lists 10 officers called to the ruckus.
“Brolin, Wright and four other people were charged with interfering with police, a misdemeanor.
“City Jail booking records show Brolin had $130 in his possession he had to hand over to police in addition to his driver’s license, a belt, a cell phone, a lighter, a ring, his wallet and a watch.”

Ismael Martinzez, Jeffrey Wright, Cherilyn Young.

Evan (or Eric) Bates, Amy Draughlin, Eric Felland.

A KSLA news story said that “workers at the Stray Cat Bar [said] they asked Brolin, Wright, and about five other crew members to leave the bar twice. When they didn’t leave, they say bartenders called downtown police who responded just after two in the morning.
“Police reports list officers arresting a 29-year-old Eric Felland for remaining in the bar, resisting arrest, and public drunkenness. Officers say five others who were hanging out with Felland, including both 40-year-old Brolin and 42-year-old Wright, interfered with the arrest. Police charged them with just that — interfering with an officer.
“A man who works the graveyard shift at a nearby downtown business says he saw most of the incident, where he claims there were at least four police cars and several bicycle police on scene.
“‘”I’ve seen my share of disturbances and for the most part the cops just send them on their way, but that was the first time I’ve seen that many people at once get escorted into cars, I mean I think it was getting to the point where the cops were checking with each other to see who had room to put [people] in,’ said downtown worker Anthony Thompson.”

Brolin filming W scene.