Three or four days ago I was heading east on Wilshire, just past Beverly Glen Blvd. 45, 50 mph. I was wearing my white helmet, which has a large, adjustable, brown-tinted visor. But I hadn’t strapped the helmet under my chin (which I often forget to do) and suddenly I was buffeted by a big gust, and the wind got under the visor and lifted the helmet right off my head…whoosh.

I pulled over to the side. As I did this I heard at least one car (or was it two?) honking in alarm. Perhaps they’d hit the helmet; it sounded as if someone might have. I parked and looked back. The white helmet was sitting in the gutter about 30 feet away; the visor was nowhere to be found.

If a cop had witnessed this I almost certainly would’ve gotten a ticket. “Failure to properly secure helmet,” something like that.

This had never happened before, but it was okay. I wasn’t alarmed or even flustered. My attitude was “well, that happened!” I put the helmet back on and went on my way. I have a black back-up helmet with a visor — no worries.