Posted on Facebook earlier today: “Back in the mid-1990s, we rode up to a bistro in Paris on our bikes. At the same time a posh, snooty couple parked their SUV on the sidewalk and walked over to the proprietor, who was outside having a smoke, to see if he had a table. He looked them up and down, looked at the whale of a vehicle taking up the sidewalk, and said ‘Nope.’ I was sad — it looked so charming and I was hoping we could have dinner there. My French husband said, ‘I’m not so sure we can’t.’ We locked up our bikes — this was ten years before bikes were everywhere in Paris — and walked over, and my husband asked. The proprietor looked us up and down, looked at our bikes, smiled and said, ‘Yes, of course.’ We dined there regularly for the next 15 years, until the owner retired and sold the place. That’s what prerogative is all about.” #teamredhen