He’s gone — I deep-sixed him last night. I couldn’t stand his ass. Every single thing he posted accused me not being woke enough or being deficient or indifferent. The straws accumulated and accumulated and finally the camel’s back snapped. Sure, he might return under a new comment-thread avatar, and if he does I’ll cross that bridge and assess the situation.

One of my most on-target riffs about the woke scourge stated that “there’s a historical precedent for what’s going on right now, and that it’s nicely recounted on page 30 and 31 of Tom Wolfe‘s ‘The Painted Word’.”

I noted that “today’s upscale, sensitive-person, social-reflection dramas have fallen under the influence of a new form of ’30s social realism and are arguing against social ills that wokesters regard as evil and diseased. The result has been a new form of enlightened propaganda cinema.

“It’s almost astonishing to read Wolfe’s description of the ‘social realism’ movement of the ’30s because the same damn thing is happening right now.”

In response to which “seasonalaffleckdisorder” wrote that “[my] tinfoil hat is slipping…the rays are getting in…the gulf between the races…metastasizing into every organ of the body politic. You’re not paranoid if they are really coming to get you! Get all the Klassiks indoors where it’s safe from the people of color and the womenfolk.”

I won’t tolerate this kind of lunacy and derangement. I was obviously making a fair and referenced point.