There’s nothing factually unknown in Timothy Egan’s 5.8 N.Y. Times column, titled “The World Is Taking Pity on Us.” But I admire the discipline, concise phrasing, no beating around the bush, etc.

Excerpt: “In Trump’s assessment, his government has done a ‘spectacular job’ with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“’And I’ll tell you, the whole world is excited watching us because we’re leading the world,’ Trump said in an updated pat on the back.

“He’s right about the leading part: Every 49 seconds or so, throughout the first week in May, an American has been dying of this disease. With 1.3 million reported cases, the United States, just five percent of the world’s population, has nearly 33 percent of the sick. With more than 75,000 deaths, we’re at the front of the pack as well. No country comes close on all three measures.

“Globally, the average death rate is 34 people per million residents. In the United States, it’s more than six times higher — 232 per million.

“South Korea and the United States both reported their first cases of Covid-19 at the same time, in the third week of January. South Korea immediately started testing on a mass scale and socially isolating. The United States denied, dithered and did next to nothing for more than two months.”