Last night I became a better-late-than-never fan of Slade‘s “Gudbuy T’ Jane” (’72). I was surfing on the couch with my wireless headphones, and for some random-ass reason I happened upon “Jane” and played it full-blast. And this shallow but well-performed, perfectly mixed song just carried me away.

Mainly because of the guitars (I love how that central lead guitar riff cuts into the third chorus refrain before it ends) and Noddy Holder‘s voice (great name!). All I know is that the pandemic flew out the window and I was feeling like a happy drunken teenager.

I never had time for Slade in the old days. I looked down on them as flamboyant glitter clowns in silver-painted platforms.

The same thing happened a couple of weeks ago with Grand Funk Railroad‘s “I’m Your Captain.” I never liked it much, and always thought GFR was too Michigan, too primitive, too blue-collar. But for some reason I found myself really liking “Captain” (except for the “getting closer to my home” second part, which still blows). Again, the guitar work.