If I know Grantland‘s Bill Simmons, he’s probably going to blow it when it comes to posting a timely review of Ivan Reitman‘s Draft Day (Summitgate, 4.11). Simmons has the authority to call bullshit or give it a pass or whatever, but he generally avoids movie pieces and rarely posts when the moment is right. So with Simmons presumably out of the game (i.e., due to laziness or not giving enough of a shit), what knowledgable sports writer will step up to the plate? Right now Draft Day is waist-deep in Rotten Tomato quicksand with a fairly crummy 49% approval rating. Rope of Silicon‘s mild-mannered Brad Brevet hates it. N.Y. Post critic Kyle Smith wrote that Draft Day is so “lumbering and predictable, and its hero general manager is so dumb, it should have been called Dummyball.”