Over the last three days (on 7.2 and 7.4), Michelle Blaine, former personal assistant to Phil Spector and webmaster of wallofguilt.com, has put up two videos of Spector talking about the Lana Clarkson murder case. They were recorded by Blaine in ’05, and portions were shown on Inside Edition in May of ’07.

The video clips are fascinating — anyone who’s seen Vikram Jayanti’s The Agony & the Ecstasy of Phil Spector is obliged to watch — but the site itself is a trip also.

Blaine captured a slightly different Spector than the one who appears in Jayanti’s film. He discusses several particulars about the case, for one thing, which Jayanti wasn’t interested in pursuing. And with a tiny bit more swagger and sacrcasm in his voice.

Michelle, whose IMDB bio doesn’t mention her having worked for Spector, is obviously of the firm opinion that he’s guilty of having shot Clarkson. Her relationship with Spector ended contentiously and acrimoniously, and she’s quite obviously resentful of Rachelle Spector, Spector’s much younger blonde wife, having moved in on Michelle’s turf and engineered her dismissal.

Consider, incidentally, Spector’s loop-dee-loop signature on the check for $100,000 that he shows to the camera.