I paid $15 or $16 bucks to see The Three Stooges tonight at the ArcLight, and it was well spent. I just emailed this to a critic friend who’d urged me to see it: “Wow, you’re right — it’s surprisingly good! The Farrelly’s really delivered. They’ve captured & re-bottled that old-time Stooges spirit and gotten it right. I actually laughed several times and I’m not what you would call a hah-hah type of guy. Plus those Jersey Shore and Kardashian and fart jokes. All three Stooge impersonator-stars — Chris Diamantopoulos (Moe), Sean Hayes (Larry) and especially Will Sasso (Curly) — nailed it. And Larry David! The whole cast & crew were on the same mescaline when they made it. It’s got that jack-in-the-box foolery & that vaudeville timing & those old reliable foley gags. Not a gem or a classic exactly, but the Farrelly’s knew exactly what to do.”