Gerardo Naranjo‘s Miss Bala will now open on January 12, 2012 rather than the previously announced date of 10.14.11. This date isn’t posted on Coming Soon, the iMDB or even on the film’s own website. But Bala‘s marketing consultant David Dinerstein has just informed me of this.

“January 12th is a great date because it’ll give us more time for long-lead press and the ability to focus on a better awards campaign for the film,” Dinerstein said. “The Oscar nominations will be announced a few days later, and it’s already opened in Mexico, making it eligible for a Best Foreign Language Oscar.”

Pop quiz: what classic 1930s film used the word “bala” in a line of dialogue? Answer: King Kong. When Robert Armstrong‘s Carl Denham is trying to communicate with the hostile natives on Skull Island, he asks Captain Englehorn what the word for “friend” is, and Englehorn says “bala.” Denham opens his arms and takes a step forward, saying “Bala! Bala!” to the village chief. It doesn’t work.

To my knowledge Miss Bala is the first feature film has uses the Spanish term “bala” (which means bullet) in its title. Some English-speakers have had a confused reaction because Stephanie Sigman‘s character competes in a Miss Baja beauty contest.