Yesterday at a Los Angeles press conference attorney Gloria Allred suggested that the accused serial rapist Bill Cosby might want to think about waiving the statute of limitations for the decades-old allegations that have been thrown at him over the last couple of weeeks so that “in a court of law the victims and Mr. Cosby would have an opportunity to have a judge and jury decide who should be believed.”

Failing that, Allred said, Cosby could donate $100 million to fund settlements for the alleged victims.

A $100 million payoff will never happen, of course, but Allred is at least offering Cosby a way out of the woods. Peace and serenity are not attainable, but if he wants a semblance of closure during his final decade or two of life, he’ll need to cough up 25% of his $400 million fortune. Pay these women off and the cloud will start to dissipate, she’s saying. You won’t be admitting anything but the everyone will understand. Do this and the court of public opinion might ease up and you can go to restaurants and tennis matches without people giving you death-ray looks.

A recently updated Vulture piece says 19 women have publicly accused Cosby of raping or molesting them. Figure another five or so will come forward soon for a total of 25. Divide that into $100 million and you’ve got $4 million per accuser. That’s a huge sum. If I were Cosby I’d offer $500 grand to each existing accuser for a total of $12.5 million if you’re talking 25 women. That’s not a lot given the size of his holdings.