Update: Lindsay Lohan was released from jail around 1:35 am this morning, so the following comments from Merle Haggard about how she ought to deal with other inmates is moot.

Earlier: In a 7.30 interview with country legend Merle Haggard, Vanity Fair‘s Eric Spitznagel asks for helpful prison advice for Lindsay Lohan to perhaps consider.

Spitznagel: You know who could use some jail house pointers from you? Lindsay Lohan.

Haggard: I feel sorry for her because she’s such a lovely creature and such a talented person, and she’s also a spoiled brat. I don’t know if they’ve put her in with the rest of the inmates. I doubt that they would, but if it happens, she may have to fight her way out of a couple things.

Spitznagel: So your advice to Lindsay is, be prepared to brawl?

Haggard: She has to be honest, and she has to let the other prisoners know that she doesn’t feel like she’s any better than they are.

Spitznagel: That could be a problem.

Haggard: Well, they’ll change her mind about that. (Laughs.) When I was in San Quentin, I paid attention the whole time I was there and I made sure I didn’t borrow anything from anybody. If I told somebody I was going to meet them on a Tuesday, I met ’em. I learned that it’s better to be honest, because you can’t get away from your lie.

Spitznagel: It’s not like you just hide out at the Chateau Marmont and wait for everything to blow over.

Haggard: It won’t blow over. (Laughs.) It will blow you over.