I finally took a look at Sony Home Video’s long-delayed From Here To Eternity Bluray about two weeks ago, and I was so taken I watched it once more on my new 60″ Samsung a couple of days ago. This is one of the best-looking “Bluray bumps” of a classic film I’ve ever seen or owned. I’ve been watching this film since I was 12 and it’s never looked this good — rich blacks, magnificent detail, vivid but celluloid-like. That extra-dynamic, super-silvery Ansel Adams-in-Hawaii quality. All classic film fans want is for a Bluray to look significantly better than the DVD version, and this really makes the grade in that resepct.

Sony’s Grover Crisp remastered this 1953 Best Picture winner sometime in early to mid 2009 so it took Sony…what, three and a half to four years to release it? My first “where’s the Bluray?” piece ran in November 2009. I’ve run three or four follow-ups since.