I was flirting with the idea of catching a Los Lobos concert at the Greek amphitheatre on 8.21. The last time I caught a Greek concert was almost exactly six years ago (6.20.15) — a Brian Wilson Beach Boys concert for the ages.

The seats, comped by Lionsgate / Roadside to promote Bill Pohlad‘s Love and Mercy, were somewhere in the right-side B section — the third-best seats you could get. The Los Lobos seats will be strictly cash-on-the-barrelhead, of course.

If I want to sit in the GA PIT section for the Los Lobos show, it’ll set me back $331 per seat or $662 for two of us…not bad! A Center section seats (green) are about the same — $335, $670. If I want to go the El Cheapo route by sitting in the north or south terrace section (violet), the price plummets to $257 or $267 per seat or $314 or $334 for two.

It’s entirely possible that I’ll never attend another large-stadium concert again, and I’m speaking as someone who attended quite a few back in the day. One of my favorite Greek concerts was a Boy George show in ’84 or thereabouts…”I’m Afraid of Me,” etc.