When poor Carrie Fisher died on 12.27.16, I told myself “this is quite sad, but it’s also what happens to every alcoholic and drug abuser when they hit 60 or even before — their bad habits catch up with them and they tend to expire earlier than non-abusers.” When I read a couple of days ago that she had passed from sleep apnea, I thought “wait, sleep what?…I thought she passed from a mid-flight heart attack and a subsequent inability to breathe.” This morning the real truth finally came out via Radar Online.

A toxicology report from the L.A. County Medical Examiner says Fisher had “cocaine, heroin, methadone, ethanol [alcohol], prozac and opiates” in her system when she died. In other words, she’d not only relapsed but had more or less committed suicide.

Every party person with half a brain knows you have to stop that shit by age 45 and certainly by 50. You partied hard for 20 or 25 years…enough. Anyone who inhales that many drugs at age 60 is obviously doing more than throwing caution to the winds — they’re winking at death. Fisher was saying “I know I shouldn’t be doing this but fuck it…my Star Wars footage is wrapped, I deserve a little vacay…back to my old partying ways for a few days or maybe longer!” Or shorter, as it turned out. The Grim Reaper got wind, floated over and whispered into her ear, “Time’s up!”