Vampire Rudy, 76, has tested positive for the coronavirus. But you knew that, of course, and we all know how this will turn out. Rudy will most likely be given the same super-medications that Trump was given during his brief bout with the disease, and will be more or less out of the woods within two or three weeks, if not sooner.

I wish it were otherwise, but wealthy and connected righties seem to be sliding by. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, 87, tested positive a month ago and has since returned to work.

Who’s dying from the virus then? Those suffering from frail constitutions, obesity (although that didn’t stop former New Jersey governor Chris Christie), respiratory issues (cigarette smoking), a lack of Vitamin D, etc. And those with threadbare health insurance.

Love this excerpt from Maggie Haberman’s N.Y Times story about Giuliani’s illness: It was unclear why Mr. Trump was the one announcing [Giuliani’s infection]. It was also unclear whether Mr. Giuliani, 76, is symptomatic. But at his age, he is in the high-risk category for the virus.”