At the beginning of last night’s Outstanding Director tribute at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, board member Lynda Weinman introduced moderator Scott Feinberg, award-season columnist for The Hollywood Reporter. Well, not precisely. Weinman actually introduced a mythical figure named “Scott Feinman,” who perhaps represents a son, brother or father with whom Ms. Weinman has an unresolved relationship. (Go to 1:10 mark.)

Feinberg diplomatically ignored the faux pas, but let’s imagine for a second that Feinberg had a Jeffrey Wells-type personality or a Hollywood Elsewhere attitude. Which of the following responses would you have chosen as you stepped up to the podium?

Option #1: “Thank you, Lynda Feinberg, for such a kind and gracious introduction.”

Option #2: “Thanks, Lynda. (clears throat) Uhm…Scott Feinman. Feinman. Oh, I get it. Linda’s saying that she regards me as a fine fellow!”

Option #3: “Thank you, Lynda. I like that last name — Feinman. It has a ring.”