I wouldn’t know what to say if I was talking to Awkwafina and Taron Egerton about movies. If she said “yeah, when I was young, I loved A League of Their Own…it was the first movie I remember seeing, and I watched Gorillas In The Mist every day, and I would cry for it when it wasn’t on”…if she were to say this I would nod politely and go “uh-huh…really?” but inside my mind would be melting over toast and becoming a grilled-cheese sandwich.

I would also react politely if Egerton were to say “for me it was anything with Michael Caine, and I was also obsessed with the Fucking Muppet Christmas Carol.” But inside I would be wondering if he and Daisy Ridley had ever gotten together and discussed the films of Cary Grant. No offense but it sounds like Egerton had an undernourished childhood.

Egerton is six days older than Dylan (dob: 11.16.89) and a year and a half younger than Jett (dob: 6.4.88), but by the time my boys were four or five they’d watched and enjoyed Lawrence of Arabia, T2: Judgment Day, Beetlejuice, A Nightmare Before Christmas, E.T., the Extra Terrestrial, the Indiana Jones films, The Birds, Kong Kong…they’d really gotten their feet wet.

HE to Awkwafina: “Have you ever watched The Bad and the Beautiful?”