I’ve been a Hamptons Film Festival guy for about five hours now. I checked into Wainscott’s 380 Inn and then picked up the badge around 2:30 pm. There’s not much to report except that the air is agreeably fall-like with a hint of a slight nip. Jacket and scarf weather.

Tonight’s hot film is Yorgos LanthomosThe Favourite, which I caught in Telluride. Loved the first two acts, not so much the third. No offense but I’m not quite in the mood to see it a second time.

I’m actually thinking of slipping into Kirill Serebrennikov‘s Leto (which I caught last May in Cannes). Review excerpt: “Set during the early ’80s Leningrad rock-music scene and focusing on a largely factual, less-than-ardent romantic triangle, Leto (Russian for summer) is a kind of monochrome dream trip — more about feeling the vibe than savoring the story. It’s something you need to sink into rather than judge and evaluate with a fine tooth comb.”

The price of almost everything in East Hampton is about 50% higher than in the real world. It’s like Switzerland here.