Paul Greengrass, director of The Bourne Supremacy (’04) and The Bourne Ultimatum (’07), is a seasoned maestro of grade-A political action thrillers. If you were to make another Bourne film, you’d want Greengrass directing and Matt Damon back for one more paycheck. If you’re determined to make a sequel to The Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner in the lead and you can’t get Greengrass, you would at least want Tony Gilroy to re-deploy. But you certainly don’t want Fast and the Furious franchiser Justin Lin because he’s a low-rent, jizz-whiz director with a sloppy, pseudo-animated videogame attitude about shooting chases and fights and shoot-outs. Lin would rather shoot himself in the mouth than direct an action sequence that even occasionally adheres to the laws of physics. All Lin will do is cheapen the franchise and lower the property values. Lin makes Brett Ratner look like Anthony Mann. But of course, the Universal zombie execs want him. He makes action flicks for under-35s who want sequences in which guys leap from one rooftop to another and then do swan dives off 50-story office buildings. He’s an animal. Greengrass to Gilroy To Lin…what a devaluation. Greetings, Mr. Bourne — you are about to become a T-1000 cyborg.