I couldn’t file anything today after the first two articles. I spent a good portion of the morning writing and thinking about Spike Lee‘s Oldboy, which I was generally okay with and actually impressed by to a certain extent (it’s nowhere near as problematic as the buzz might suggest). Except for the ending. But I can’t get into it until embargo day so that’s that. And then I spent some time trying to decide if it’s worth going to the Berlin Film festival in February in order to see George Clooney‘s Monuments Men and Wes Anderson‘s The Grand Budapest Hotel. And then I got un-invited to a screening of Delivery Man, the Vince Vaughn-starring remake of Starbuck. And then…I don’t want to talk about it. Now I have to get down to the Hollywood Roosevelt for a Bethlehem interview, and then I’ll be hitting a reception for American Hustle‘s David O. Russell at 7pm (also at the Roosevelt) followed by a Russell chit-chat at the Egyptian at 9 pm.