Excerpt from Barry Levine‘s “The Spider: Inside the Criminal Web of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell“:

William ‘Dollar Bill’ Mersey spent hours with Epstein inside New York’s notorious Metropolitan Correctional Center in his role as an ‘inmate companion’ while the multimillionaire was on suicide watch. Mersey served a year at MCC in lower Manhattan after pleading guilty to federal tax evasion for under-reporting income from his escort advertising agency. He was released in early November last year.

Mersey quote: “Epstein didn’t brag about his lifestyle but knew everybody [who] mattered, so I did ask him one time, ‘Jeffrey, give me one anecdote that’s emblematic of the essence of Donald Trump.’

“Epstein thought about it and then said, ‘Donald and I are flying in my private jet to Florida and I have a French girl with me. Donald says to me, why don’t we land in Atlantic City so I can show your friend my casino?

“[Epstein] said, I’m not landing in Atlantic City…it’s all white trash down there. So the French girl goes, what does white trash mean? I don’t understand. And Trump says, ‘It’s me without money.'”