One thing I’ll bet Ron Howard‘s Eight Days A Week (Abramorama, 8.15 theatrical, 9.17 Hulu) will barely acknowledge, much less get into, is that during their big-stadium tours of ’64 and ’66, the Beatles’ sets lasted less than 30 minutes. I read somewhere that the sets were actually closer to 20 or 25. Their manager, the late Brian Epstein, felt it was better to give the audience a quick taste than serve a full meal. When you think of all those hundreds of thousands of fans who went through hell to score Beatles tickets and got their parents to drive them to Shea Stadium or the Hollywood Bowl and then only got a 25-minute show…the descriptive terms are “arrogant” and “unfeeling.”

Will Howard screen his doc at Telluride (best idea) or Toronto? Or will there be regular press screenings sometime in mid to late August? I haven’t heard jack squat.