1.5.21, 7:15 am: Tanya Roberts has sadly passed for good this time. No mistakes or take-backs. Sorry.

1.4.21: Although View To A Kill costar and Sheena: Queen of the Jungle star Tonya Roberts is reportedly in dire condition, she is nonetheless alive. Late last night Variety‘s Naman Ramachandran reported that Roberts had died after being stricken with something or other on Christmas Eve. But this afternoon Variety‘s Pat Saperstein reported that Roberts is still with us. Hollywood Elsewhere is pleased to hear this, and hopes that Roberts, 65, will survive whatever it is that’s threatening her life.

Roberts’ husband Lance O’Brien to The Sun: “She’s still with us, but not for long.”

O’Brien said Tanya’s illness wasn’t about Covid, and that it began with a urinary tract infection.

“Today the doctors told me that it’s best to let her die and to end her life,” he said. “She’ll never be the same again, the tubes she has in her are very uncomfortable. Her kidneys are so far gone, her liver is so far gone, her gall bladder is so far gone.”