Tatiana and I are in the process of finding good loving homes for a few kittens. They’re just over six weeks old. Naturally we’re requiring a “re-homing” fee — you have to use that term in order to avoid the wrath of the Craig’s List fuzz.

Over the last two or three days a few people have dropped by to inspect the kittens before buying, and it’s all been good. Today a young hetero couple came over. Somewhere between their mid and late 20s, I guessed. Possibly a bit younger. Nice people, good natured, intelligent, etc.

But here’s the thing: When they arrived it was fairly warm outside, mid 80s with lots of glaring sunlight. And yet the young woman (short, a bit chubby-ish) was wearing a heavy black headcap (made of dense yarn) and a heavy-ish hoodie garment plus a sweater, leotard tights and athletic shoes — gear that would have worked for a nice cool fall day.

Except it’s July in Los Angeles. It wasn’t “Death Valley hot”, but if God had added less than five degrees to the thermometer you could’ve fried an egg on the sidewalk.

I didn’t say anything, of course — they were good people. But deep down I was thinking “seriously?” Who wears a heavy yarn headcap in this kind of heat?