I’ve finally decided upon the proper sequential order of HE’s top 30 films of 2022. Almost every title has a link to my original review. (Okay, one or two links don’t connect to a “review” as much as a riff that contains opinions.) But this is the final order, and if you insist on only considering a Top Ten list…

Okay, I didn’t really like The Northman, but I respected it. Excerpt: “Excessive isn’t the word — startling, repetitious, numbing, eye-filling, confounding and yet all of a single harmonious compositional piece. Obviously the work of a serious artist. Handsome, exquisitely composed and about as bereft of humanity as a film in this vein could possibly be.”

1. Empire of Light
2. Close
3. Happening
4. Vengeance
5. She Said
6. Emily The Criminal
7. Christian Mungiu‘s R.M.N.
8. Top Gun: Maverick
9. Avatar: The Way of Water
10. Tar (despite the many irritations)

11. Bardo
12. The Banshees of Inisherin (minus the finger stubs)
13. Thirteen Lives
14. Armageddon Time
15. The Menu
16. God’s Country
17. All Quiet on the Western Front
18. Palm Trees and Power Lines
19. Triangle of Sadness
20. Holy Spider

21. The Batman
22. The Northman
23. Living (decent)
24. Argentina 1985
25. Apollo 10 and 1/2
26. Navalny
27. Las Vegas portion of Elvis
28. Watcher
29. Bros.
30. The Fabelmans